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Riders on the Storm

  • Riders on the Storm - That Summers Guy
  • Cassidy


    The main protagonist. Adventurer, smuggler and pilot of The Storm, one of the few remaining skipships in the world of Elarian. She takes no shit, but has a soft spot for those down on their luck, so she acts as sort of a Robin Hood figure.
  • Pyk


    The second main protagonist. He's a fisherman and sailor who has a violent past with Kalos and Kaira, and—while he is a funny, outgoing and genuinely likeable person—he holds hate in his heart for the immortals and a vast desire for their deaths.
  • Mariyana (& Bastin)

    Mariyana (& Bastin)

    Mariyana is a Chek, a small race nearly wiped extinct by the culls of Kalos and Kaira. Mariyana is an excellent cook and free spirit who enjoys any pleasure available to her. She rescued Bastin, her loyal companion, when he was an infant, and he allows her to ride with him on occasions.
  • Korbos


    A quiet smith just trying to make a living and keep his head down. After years of peace, his mysterious past comes back to haunt him in a major way when Cassidy shows up at his door.
  • Kalos & Kaira

    Kalos & Kaira

    Two immortals with massive telekinetic abilities. They're spoiled brats who've never had to really struggle throughout their long existence, and believe most of Elarian's inhabitants are subject to their capricious whims.
  • Creature design

    Creature design

    I was playing around with creature design for Riders on the Storm here. Combined a 6-legged Komodo dragon with a goose.
  • Rawn creature design

    Rawn creature design

  • The Battle

    The Battle

    I wanted to play with a fight scene set in the giant walled cities of the undead that lie scattered throughout Erlian. My initial concept for Mariyana was incorporated here, though she changed quite a bit in the final.
  • Hero Trio

    Hero Trio

    I was trying out a more line-art/painterly combo, and finalizing the designs for Pyk.
  • Exhaustfalls


    Environment design. I had the idea of an ancient spacecraft buried and overgrown except for the engine ports, which over millennia carved a river into the landscape.
  • The wetlands environment design

    The wetlands environment design

  • "Home" design exploration

    My first attempt at using Sketchup.
  • Outpost Ruins

    Outpost Ruins

  • Beachtown


    Environment design. This was my first exploration of the twin moons.
  • Cassidy design

    Cassidy design

    Final design concept for Cassidy
  • Korbos design

    Korbos design

    Final concept design for Korbos
  • Eljin the Wayward Elder

    Eljin the Wayward Elder

  • Original Pyk Concept

    Original Pyk Concept

  • Pyk redesign

    Pyk redesign